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Report a Stolen or Missing Item

Registering an account and reporting to the ILAB Missing Books Register is free of charge.

Please register a new account to report an item if you have not done so before. Soon after you have registered for your account, you will receive an email advising you that your account has been approved. On receipt of this email you can begin entering or uploading information. This is a straightforward process but if you have any difficulties you may contact the ILAB Secretariat who will assist.

Becoming a victim of theft, robbery or fraud can be a traumatising and deeply unsettling experience. Reporting a stolen or missing item is an important part of the process to stop and hinder thieves and scams in their work.

Detailed Advice on Guidance Page:
We strongly advise before uploading details about missing items that you consult our Guidance page. Individual guidance documents are available for booksellers, collectors, institutions and law enforcement officials with detailed information about the reporting process.

They also advise what information is required to alert the international rare book trade and to support law enforcement agencies to locate missing items.

Copy specific information is vitally important:
Please remember that copy specific information is very important. Copy specific information may be for example a special binding, a bookplate or anything else that makes the missing unique or different from other copies of the same title. The more information you can provide the stronger the chance of your item being found.

The guidance documents may be viewed online, downloaded or printed.

The Missing Books Register is owned and operated by the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. It is offered free of charge as an exchange of information to all interested in working with us to safeguard and preserve our world cultural heritage.

If you are an ILAB bookseller, we advise you to also to contact your national antiquarian booksellers' association and inform the respective officers about the missing objects.