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Library theft from the St. Nikolaus-Hospital/Cusanusstift at Bernkastel-Kues in Germany

29 December 1987

  • Law Enforcement Agency (if applicable): N/A
  • Case Number (if applicable): N/A
Full Description and Details of the Incident

During an inventory of the rare books kept in the historic library at the St. Nikolaus-Hospital/ Cusanusstift in Bernkastel-Kues in 1988 four books (1 incunable and three printings of the 16th century) were reported missing. In 2018 the incunable and one of the early printings of the 16th century were identified in a Dutch antiquarian bookshop. In 2022 a second print of the 16th century appeared in another antiquarian bookshop in the Netherlands. They were all sold by a private owner. All three books have returned to the St. Nicholas-Hospital as the rightful owner. Unfortunately there is still no trace of one printing of the 16th century.

If any of the listed items have been found or if any further information is available, please contact ILAB or the reporting organisation / business.
REPORTING ORGANISATION / BUSINESS: St. Nikolaus-Hospital/Cusanusstift
Contact: Marco Broesch
Phone: +49 (0) 65312260

Missing Items

Christianissimi doctoris Joannis de Gerson: sermo de passione domini : Nuper e Gallico in latinum traductus

Gerson, Jean,

[46] Bl. : TH. ; 4; VD16 B 4698

Identifying Characteristics

Probably a golden coat of arms with a crayfish at the spine.

Imprint Arge[n]tine : [Schürer] 1509
Publication Date 1509
Status missing
Publisher Straßburg : Matthias Schürer